A Story of Lawyers

A Story of Lawyers Book CoverBUY NOW! Click here to purchase books from publisher Mascot Books. Go Mascot!!  ISBN 13: 978-1-937406 or ISBN 10: 1-937406-30-X

I hope that you'll purchase a copy or two. After all, dear ATTORNEYS, it is about you! Get a few extra books for your staff and your friends. Enclose it to clients in letters you send. Place a stack in your lobbies and conference rooms, too. This small simple step could help improve world view.


A Story of Lawyers is published by Mascot Books with beautiful illustrations by Klaus Shmidheiser. It was written to educate children of all ages about the work lawyers to, to improve public perceptions, and to honor those who admirably serve the profession. It was inspired by attorneys who have played a significant role in Jacqueline's professional development and personal life. Fittingly, the book includes illustrated likenesses of a few of Jacqueline's closest colleagues and friends. It also includes a rendering of the Stetson law campus, Jacqueline's alma mater. A Story of Lawyers is the first of a series of books that Jacqueline plans to release. “It is my hope that my books will serve as a catalyst for dialogue with children and others about various types of lawyers and the many ways they serve our communities and our wonderful profession.”

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