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Jacqueline presenting at the Collier County Foreclosure Task Force Public Policy Forum, June 2011 / Topic:  Foreclosure Process in Florida, Part I:


"A Story of Lawyers" A Fun Children's Book About the Profession, by Alison Lindy Blumenstein, Esq., Legal Ink Magazine, Nov. 1, 2014,

"Get Um While They're Young", by Leanne Mezrani, Lawyers Weekly, February 17, 2014,

"Meet Prince George In a New Children's Book, by Bob Minzesheimer and Jocelyn McClurg, USA Today, July 25, 2013,

"A Story of Lawyers™" - "Lawyer takes legal preconceptions to book", by Brigid O Gorman, Lawyers Weekly, Australia, June 11, 2013, 

"A Story of Lawyers: What Are We Teaching Our Kids?", Future Lawyer, June 3, 2013,

"Putting Some Awe in the Law", by Kristie Aronow, Gulfshore Business, September 2012,

"Read Me a Story", by Jean Gruss, Business Observer, June 22, 2012,

"A Story of Lawyers", Local Attorney Becomes Children's Author, Feature Story in Collier Citizen, Friday, June 15, 2012

"Book Introduces Kids to Lawyers", The Florida Bar News, February 15, 2012,!OpenDocument



Published Articles

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    The Justitia, Winter 2006
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    FAWL Journal, Autumn 2005
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    MICAWaive, Nov. 2005
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    GFPAC Update, Fall 2003



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